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Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: BWOF 11/05 137

I do try to finish most of what I start, and didn’t want to leave anyone hanging on how the jeans I traced back in December turned out.

Pattern Used: BWOF 11/05 137


Finished Jeans:


Fabric Used: 100% cotton denim, I bleached them at home to try to play around w/ a washed look



I used two buttons with an extended tab on the front.


Elastic Adjustable Waist:


I’m not sure if the pattern included some kind of elastic because I wasn’t sure what the directions and markings meant.  I just used a pair of older jeans that T grew out to figure out how to do it.  Plus I stole the elastic, buttons, and zipper, lol.  It’s a great way to save on notions.

Cuff with binding:


Not sure if this is silly or not, but I thought it was cute.  I made cuffs for the pants so she could grow into them.  To make the edge more decorative, I used a binding for the seam finish.

I don’t have much to say about the pattern besides that it is well drafted which is what I have come to expect from Burda.  The only design adjustment I made was for the extended tab with double buttons and cuffs.  The only other alterations were fit adjustments for Tina.

Construction Notes:

These are officially my first pair of jeans.  I used a pair of T’s old jeans to try to figure out the construction.  Some things worked and some didn’t.  I couldn’t figure out the fly so I just stuck with the ole Sandra Betzina style zipper with some added toptstiching, but it’s not authentic.  I also had trouble with sewing all the bar tacks the way they are on true jeans because all the bulk and heavy jeans thread.  I probably need real industrial equipment to handle it.  My machine actually made me proud and handled it, but it took too much time figuring out the proper adjustments to get it right.  In the future I will just do regular topstitching for the belt loops and other areas that I had trouble with.

More photos just for fun:

251819cb2a8e__1330473980000                      c22890ddcaf4__1330473788000



She really likes to have fun with poses, lol.

Conclusion:  I am very happy with the results but T doesn’t like them!  She only wants skinnies. Can you believe that!  She only wears them when they are the last jeans clean, lol. 

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