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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pleated Dance Dress Take 2

My two sister just graduation with their Masters degree!  Woohoo, I’m so proud of them.  T wore her dance dress to the occasion.  It looks great as a regular dress too!


Since it was sheer and a leotard is kinda silly, I made a slip for her.  Of course I used stash fabric and the only thing that coordinated was my turquoise bamboo/cotton/lycra knit from  It was purchased a million years ago.  I really need to work down this stash:

Here’s a pic of the slip:

I ended up drafting it myself because it was just quicker.  There is an empire seam and the bodice is self lined.  Nice and quick.  T even likes to wear it by itself as a simple summer dress.  She can even do it with leggings.

I wasn’t thinking, but I should’ve gotten a better pic of what I was wearing.  Can you tell what it is?  Yes, it the Vogue 1249 and I have to say that I love this outfit.  This is my most favorite project that I’ve ever made.  And I even found shoes that match perfectly.  It was fate!

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