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Monday, July 2, 2012

More Dance Costumes

 I’ve been absent, but I’ve been busy.  I’m always sewing, even if I don’t get a chance to share it.  In fact, the order of things for me goes- being a mom, work, and then sewing.  Notice cooking and housework don’t come before sewing.  So you can imagine how my house looks, lol.
I have some dance costumes to share.  That’s one of the things that kept me busy.  It seems impossible to find dance costume patterns for young girls so I ended up drafting them myself.  We decided to have a separate leotard to make the dresses more versatile.  That way the girls could wear them again. I hate spending a lot for dance costume that only gets worn once.  I used Kwik Sew 2725 for the leotards.

I’m kind of mad at myself because I didn’t get a lot of photographs.  I was so busy at the time, it really just slipped my mind.  I need to get better about that.

Here’s one style:


Their dance had a lot of arm movements so I designed the costume to have a really drapey sleeve that complimented it.

It’s ruched at the side.

I used a floral mesh knit that I am in love with and coordinated it with a lime green leotard. It was very fresh and springy.

Here’s the dress for the dance my daughter was in:


I wanted the dress to be full and flowy to compliment the dance.  I made a pleated a bodice.  Since this fabric was a woven sheer, I used elastic in the empire waist which created gathers for the full skirt.  A knit would’ve been better but I just fell in love with the print.  There’s also a pleat in the center front of the skirt which helped to created drapy fullness in the skirt.  This dress was coordinated with a navy leotard.

Here’s a close up of the pleated bodice:


This was time consuming to draft and sew, but I had this vision in my mind.  You know how that goes.In retrospect, I could've done without the pleated bodice.  It’s really pretty but it was time consuming and it got lost in the dance.  But the flowing skirt definitely didn’t.  It looked great.

Overall, I was happy with the costumes. I don’t think I charged enough, but I’m still working on pricing.  Last time, I was so focused on a simple design that was easy to sew and cost effective, that I really wanted to focus on being creative this time around.  I wanted to really create some great dresses that I loved.  In the end, I feel that I accomplished that.

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