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Monday, July 30, 2012

In the Sewing Room

So whats up next in the sewing room?  I could of course knock out a few UFOs  (I think I’m at 5 right now), but what’s the fun in that, lol.

I promised myself that after I finished that green cowl top, I would finally start my shorts.  So yay! The shorts are finally up next. I’m a little scared because I’ve sworn off pleated fronts, but what the hell, I’m feeling a little adventurous. I must be really crazy because it has an elastic waistband too. But I have this image in my head about how awesome it will look, lol.


I know some complain about Simplicity and New Look, but usually have good results with them. My main issues mostly occur with Vogue/Butterick/McCalls instead.  I really love how Simplicity always has the finished measurements on their pattern envelopes and clearly on their pattern pieces. Plus, they use better tissue.  Of course this is all just my opinion so take it how you will.

I also plan to work on a Burda jacket from the 7/2010 issue because I want to enter the Lined Jacket Contest on PR.  Seriously, how cute is this jacket!

Well that’s all for now.  Hopefully, I will have some cool new shorts to show you soon. I have my fingers crossed that they will come out cute.

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