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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun with Stretch Lace

I’ve been wanting to make lingerie for awhile, but all the notions, fabrics, and techniques seamed a little overwhelming to learn.  To start me off, I placed an order to  I ordered a Stretch Lace Value Pack, a real bra pattern, 2 bra kits, and some samples.  The Stretch Lace Value Pack was awesome! 


Lots and lots of stretch lace in all different widths and colors.

Here’s what I’ve done with it so far:


I made a white set, a light pink set, and a pair of coral panties.

Pattern Used: Kwik Sew 3167

Construction Details:



Kwik Sew always has great instructions, but I did my seams a little different.  I did a narrow zigzag to sew the seam.  I then moved the seam allowance to one side, and topstitched it down with a wide zigzag.  I like the way it came out.

Lace Attached:


I followed the instructions by topstitching with a wide zigzag to attach the lace.  The panty portions are cotton jersey from the stash.  I just happened to have really nice, soft jersey to match all pieces.  I love when that happens.

Wrong Side View:




The pattern calls for using jersey straps, but I wasn’t sure that was the way I wanted to go.  I had some elastic from an elastic bag from Fabricmart.  For the white set, I wrapped lace around picot trimmed elastic.  The pink set I used fold over elastic that matched and used the 3 step zig zag to close it.  I love the white straps, but I’m not happy with the pink strap.  But I guess that’s how you learn, by experimenting.

Pattern Notes:

This pattern is a really great pattern.  Everything came together nicely and it was well drafted.  Another bonus, for me atleast, is that the cups fit!  I’m D cup and the size medium was perfect.  That probably means if you are an A or B cup, you will have to make some adjustments.

This also is the most comfortable thong I’ve ever worn.  It’s nice and skinny and I was able to make it the length perfect for me.  I only had to shorted it by 1”.  I think the suggested lace width make too high panties.  The coral pair is from 3” wide lace, and it’s the perfect rise, IMO.  Either way, I love all pair.  They’re comfy and best of all seamless.  They’re invisible even under my slinkiest knits.

Kwik Sew always has great directions and this pattern is no exception.  They are very detailed and they leave you with a clean finish.  They even provide instructions for using a serger and a sewing machine.

Conclusion:  Great pattern!  I can’t wait to try some of the other views.

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