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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally!- Vogue 1282

Pattern: Vogue 1282

Finished Photo:






Fabric Used: Modal/ Spandex Jersey.  The color is emerald green, not turquoise like it looks in the picture.

Pattern Notes:

I can’t believe how long it took me to finish this.  I cut this out in March and it’s been mocking me from the UFO pile until now.  It was supposed to go with the skirt I posted about earlier this week.  Although the green looks great with the green in the skirt, the styles don’t really go that well.

Needless to say, I already griped about this pattern before.  So if you’ve been reading you already know how I feel about it.

Overall, I just think the pattern and instructions were kind of sloppy and could’ve been better.  I raised the neckline by 4” and took out 8” (4” on each side) total in the upper center back.  It was a PITA to blend that into to the center back seam and make the back facing lay nicely.  Also, the armholes are way too low.  I debated on raising them.  But since there wasn’t a side seam, it would involve making some kind of dart.  The project has been in the UFO pile for so long I just decided to leave it as is and just finish the armholes.  My hem is simply coverstitched.

One thing I do like is how the facing is caught in the armhole finish:


Here’s an inside view to see how it’s constructed:



In the end, I’m still on the fence with this top.  The cowl is cute, but it could benefit from tucks in the shoulder to help with the drape and to it keep it in place.  When I wear it, the drape seems to just pool at the bottom.  Also, it doesn’t have much appeal from the back.  I really need to wear it for a day to see how I really feel about it.

Do I recommend it?  Not really.  There are only four seams: the center back, center front, and two armholes.  And something is wrong with each one!  Also, I feel the instructions are lacking.  I would only recommend this pattern if you really love the style and just have to have it.


  1. I visit Atlanta often as I have 2 grandchildren here. Where do you buy fabric? The only place I have found is Gail K -- which is a tad overwhelming!

  2. I usually buy fabric online. My favorite place for knits, including the one I made this top out of, is High End Fabrics They have great fabric and the prices are reasonable. I also included links for my favorite online fabric stores under my Get the Goods sidebar.

    Thanks for commenting and HTH!

  3. Very pretty. I still have to make this one up myself.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'm still giving it time to grow on me, lol.

  4. Well it looks really good for all the challenges!!! I have a few drap neck tops so I may do those first but I did love how deep and how many drapes this one created.

  5. Love your top and color. I live in Atlanta also. Maybe we can trade information.

  6. Thanks for showing how this looks on the inside! I have this pattern but have only made the skirt - which I strongly recommend (but in a firm sort of stretch fabric eg stretch denim). I think your top looks really nicely made and I'm sure it must look great on you!