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Saturday, January 21, 2012

FNSI Recap

I knocked out two UFO’s, yay!  The top is Vogue1249 and the skirt is an old OOP New Look pattern.  I don’t have time to post a full review, but here’s some photos.  I’ll do a full review soon and I’ll try to get better pictures, too. But I can say that I LOVE this top and I highly recommend it.  Don’t be intimidated by the complexity of the pattern, because the top is so worth it.  I would’ve sewn the skirt, too, but I didn’t have enough fabric. 

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A closer view of the top:


Friday, January 20, 2012


Yes, I’m going for another round.  I’m sitting on 9 UFO’s here and somethings gotta give.  Hope I will have a cool FO to show you tomorrow.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

happy-new-year 2012

I just want to wish everyone in blog land a Happy New Year!   May your 2012 be a blessed and awesome year!

I have to say for me I’m excited about 2012.  I think 2011 was my best sewing year ever and 2012 can only get better.  In 2011, I got my first real sewing room that I love.  It’s the sunroom in my apartment so it has great light and it’s in the living area of my apartment.  I found that when I sew in the living area, I sew more and I’m happier when I sew.  This has definitely spoiled me and I won’t live in another place without a dedicated sewing room.

Not only have I been sewing a lot more, but I’ve been sewing faster, which was my goal for 2011.  I made a total of 35 garments.  That’s pretty big for me.  And I wear my clothes just about everyday!  I love it!  I’ve also been doing alterations for others for money, and it’s also given me a huge learning experience.

I’ve reduced my stash!  I still have an obnoxious (to me, at least) stash, but it’s gone down. Since 2011 has been a tough year financially, I haven’t been able to really buy fabric.  So I’ve been forced to shop the stash.  I’m happy to say that I’m actually starting to see it slowly dwindling down.  I love fabric, but a big stash just takes us too much space, plus I feel it’s wasteful.  I still have a ways to go with it, but I’m proud of my progress so far.

I have an unofficial list of my 2012 sewing goals mixed in with my personal goals.  If I get my list more organized, I’ll try to do a post on it.

But that’s all I have to say.  I’m getting started on my New Year now :)