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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tip: Buttonholes on Difficult Fabric


I’ve seen a lot of people complain about buttonholes on thick fuzzy fabric so I thought I would share a trick that works for me.  Sulky Water Soluble Stabilzer works wonders and makes smooth machine buttonholes. 


1)  I take a long strip of stabilizer and just wrap it around (front and back) the entire area that I’m going to stitch buttonholes on.  I pin it in place and them mark my buttonholes with a pen.




2) Stitch buttonholes using your machine instructions.




3) Rip away Sulky, and wipe with a wet cloth.  Finish your buttonhole however you normally do- clip, seal with fray check, etc


4) Voila!  Clean smooth buttonholes on thick, tweedy fabric.




This is also the method that I used to make the buttonholes on my Boyfriend Cardigan which was sewn with a thick sweater knit.  I haven’t had this method fail me yet. 

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