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Saturday, August 20, 2011

How I Spent FNSI II

I don't have any fun or exciting completed projects to show because I worked on the boring part of sewing- patternwork, cutting, and some prep.

I'm trying to get the last few items finished from my Summer Sewing list.  I have four items left, which is pretty ambitious since I'm only giving myself to the end of August to complete my Summer sewing.  After August, I'm officially working on Fall.  Of course this isn't strict, but its the plan.  If I can’t finished all four items, I at least plan on finishing the two that I worked on Friday night.

So here’s what I accomplished:

1) Linen Blend Shorts- completed pattern, cut, and serged all edges
For these, I’m using the same natural colored linen blend fabric that I used for my Nomad Hobo.
I’m using this pattern from Burda 7/09 #113.
BTW, this is my most used issue, and I still have more I want to sew from it.

2) Tie Dye Printed Racerback Tank- completed pattern (hey, that’s progress right)
This top by Rebecca Taylor is the inspiration behind this project:
I’m using McCall 6359 as the basis for this.  For the fabric, I’m using a tie dye printed bamboo jersey (sooo soft).
Well that’s all I have to report.  Sorry I don’t have any pretty FO to show from Friday, but I hope to be finished with them soon.  BTW, money is still tight so this is all stash fabric.  That linen blend is as old as my daughter and the bamboo jersey is from a little over a year ago.   

The crop pants that I’ve been working on have been finished for about a week and I hoping to do a post on them soon. 


  1. Sounds like a successful FNSI. You got a lot prepared by the sounds of it - well done!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I did get a lot prepared. When you want your projects to be finished, prep work can feel like such a chore. But is is neccessary for a successful project. I haven't had much time to sew, but I hope I finish something soon.