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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally- The Dance Costumes

Back in March, I mentioned that I was busy sewing dance costumes for T’s dance class. Well, I’m finally taking some time to show the dance costumes I did for the girls. Better late than never, right. I didn’t want to include a photo of all the girls b/c I didn’t want to put photos of anyone else’s kids online. So I have my usual lovely model, T.

First up Outfit #1:


Fabric Used: ITY knit

This pattern is self-drafted and graded. I tried to get as much information from the dance instructor as I could and I worked with what she had in mind.

I ended up having to make my own pattern for this dress b/c I couldn’t find any dress similar that wouldn’t be too much work to make multiples. Since kids don’t have as the curves like women do, the front and the back are the same piece. It’s an has an a-line shape. I included straps and a ruffle for some detail so it wouldn’t be too plain. I decided to just self-line the bodice because I thought that would be the fastest method for finishing. My preferred method would have been binding but since I don’t have a binder, I wasn’t sure how fast it would go. If I had a binder and I was proficient with it, I probably would’ve used that.



Self-lined bodice:




Purchased Tee

Pant Pattern: Kwik Sew 3498, I used the fold-over waistband with the full pant length.

Fabric: Stretch French Terry from Sewzanne’s Fabrics



These pants are great. I am really impressed with Kwik Sew as a pattern brand. The only problem with these pants are that they run short, but that is an easy fix.

To keep Tina out of my hair while I was sewing, I cut out an extra dress pattern in some fabric I didn’t want. Here is the dress she sewed. I’m so proud, lol.


Since T loves to pose, I thought I would throw in some more pics just for fun. She can be so dramatic.





Overall, I’m pretty happy I took this project on. I made a little money and I actually enjoyed it.

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