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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vogue 1224- B&W Dress

Pattern Used:  Vogue 1224 (yes, I ‘ve finally sewn something current)





Side View:


Fabric Used: Poly/Lycra ITY knit- printed for the self fabric, solid cream for the lining

Pattern Notes:

Great pattern!  The only alteration was to add length.  I added 1” to the front and back bodice b/c the waist is really high.  It’s also worth noting that the front waistline is higher than the back.

I also added 4” to the hem.  I think this dress looks better shorted but I would get more wear out of it longer.  The last thing I need to be thinking about is my skirt riding up when I’m out and about with my daughter.  The skirt is lined so you have some extra coverage if you need it. 

The tie is attached to elastic inside the casing which I really like.  It makes the neckline stretchy and easy to adjust.  My tie is on the other side, too.  Don’t ask, why.  But when I was trying the dress on during construction it just felt right on that side.  I didn’t do a buttonhole and I didn’t cut the slit into the casing until it was just about finished.

Conclusion:  I think this is a really good pattern and I highly recommend it.  I really didn’t have any issues with it at all.  It went together well and was easy to sew. 

Despite all this, this dress really has me re-evaluating my style.  Right before I finished this dress, I finished the Leopard Burda Twist Dress. That dress really complimented me and just makes me feel amazing every time I wear it.  Don’t get me wrong, this B&W dress is comfortable and easy to wear.  I do like it, but I swear it adds 10lbs.  At the very least, it does absolutely nothing for my figure.

I think having these two dresses back to back really highlighted the difference between just a cute dress and a dress that looks great on me.  I should feel the way I feel about my Burda twist dress about all my cloths.  I think I’ve decided to just forget about fashion all together, and just stick w/ basic silhouettes that make me feel and look great.

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