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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simplicity 3503- Paisley Halter

Pattern Used: Simplicity 3503





Side View:


Bodice Close-up (to see detail):


Fabric Used: Border Print ITY from Fabricmart. I love border prints.  It makes layout more fun and creative.

Pattern Notes:  I used this pattern before for my friend’s maxi dress so I was familiar with it.  I had to use a different size for me, though.

I used my usual size for knits, 12 on top, 14 on the bottom.  With this pattern, I used a 1o for the back and cut the back elastic using the size 8 guide.  Those two pieces run really big for some reason.

I omitted the pockets b/c I just think they mess up the lines of the dress.

I did something and the midriff doesn’t stretch much, so it’s hard to get on and off.  Not sure what happened, but I think it might have been all the basting. 

Conclusion:  Still a great pattern.  I love the way it’s finished on the inside and the instructions are so easy to follow.

I love this dress much more than I thought I would.  I was just trying to get rid of some stash while I figured out the design of my next dress, and ended up with a dress I love.  I need some purple jersey to make a matching cardigan or something to go over it.  I’m currently using a denim jacket, but I think a purple cardigan would look better.

On another note:

Anyone with kids knows that you can’t have anything for yourself.  Well of course my daughter fell in love with this fabric and had me make her a dress.  I just used the leftovers and threw this together really quick.


It’s basically two rectangles with 1/2” elastic on the top and a drawstring at the waist.  Slap on 2 spaghetti straps and voila- new dress to please my baby.  I’m normally not crazy about spaghetti straps on kids, but I just wanted to throw something together really quick.  It’s not in bad taste so I’m fine with it.  She now wants us to wear our dressed together so we can match, but that’s not happening, lol.

After looking at the pictures, I just noticed the big paisley on the front isn’t centered.  It’s starting to bother me, but I can’t really do much about it.

A little more detail:




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