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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Roxy Dress form

Here’s that review I’ve been meaning to write about my dress form.

I bought this dress form primarily for draping, not for fitting.  I personally don’t think a dress form is that helpful for fitting b/c the human body is just too different from a dress form for it to be useful.  Again, this is just my opinion and experience.   I’ve been lazy about making my own patterns, but I want to start up again.  So hopefully, there will be some self drafted draped patterns in the near future.

It was very difficult to find what I wanted at a price I could afford.  Added to the fact that I need a size 14 and that’s the size where the prices jump.   I did a lot of comparison shopping and decided on ordering a Roxy form through their website. I also just went with the 12.  Maybe that will motivate me to lose some weight, lol.  Roxy has a store on Ebay, but I wanted an arm and it was a better deal on their website for the arm.  Of course after I finally made my decision, I found a better deal on Ebay.  But I was leaving it alone because I spent so much time and thought already.  I wanted to be done with it and enjoy my new form.

Without further ado here she is:

Isn’t she beautiful Smile





Cost: $274.80 (includes shipping)


Dress form Notes:

-She’s very curvy, which is good b/c I am too. 

-The funny thing is that the arm was the final deciding factor and in reality, it’s not even a real arm.  Well I guess it a real arm but it’s not magnetic. It has a tie that you sling over the neck.  Very strange and I haven’t seen that before.   Its not pictured like that on the website.  I’m very disappointing but I’m dealing with it.  The arm area is metal so I’m thinking a magnetic arm should work fine on her if I decide I absolutely need one in the future.

With strange sling arm:


-You will also notice she doesn’t have all those busy marking that are on the dress forms on the Roxy site- which is a good thing.

-The collapsible shoulders work great.  The mechanism sounds and feels different, but it works and I have no problems with it.  Not sure if that will be an issue in the future, but with me just using it, I’m sure it’s fine.

-There are some areas that the pins will barely go through.  Some places are better than others, for example, you can pin deep on CF.  It’s not a big deal b/c she’s still usable for draping, just  something to note. 

-Delivery was fast and assembly was easy.  I did have to put the body on the stand outside b/c my ceiling weren’t high enough.  Here’s a link to the YouTube instructions that makes assembly a breeze.

-Please note the return policy.  It’s pretty bad, but I’m not a big returner. 

-You get a patternmaking kit with it as well.  I am happy to finally have a notcher, despite the fact that I’m not working w/ oak tag or brown pattern papers.  So I’m happy, but I probably won’t ever get to use it.  You also get a needle point tracing wheel which is really great to have.  I already have one, but and extra one can’t hurt. For me, most of the rulers aren’t that helpful.  The plastic is very flimsy and many are only in metric  You also get a lot of tiny curves that you wouldn’t really use unless you are drafting in 1/4 scale or drawing.  Overall, I wouldn’t let this kit be the deciding factor, unless you really don’t have any drafting tools at all.



I didn’t speak too much on the inner workings of dress forms b/c I’m not really an expert on that.  I read up on it, but seriously it didn’t mean much to me.  I’m not sure what’s considered higher quality and how that will affect the use.  I’ve used higher end dress forms before and there are some things that “feel” a little different.  The shoulder mechanism feels and sounds different.  And the shallow areas where the pins have a hard time going thru, feels like metal underneath.  I’m not used to that feel and I’m not even sure it will matter.  I think for the price this is a great dress form.  And since its just going to be me using this dress form for personal use, I don’t think I need a super expensive, high quality form.


Overall, I’m very happy with her.  I probably would’ve went with a cheaper option due to the arm thing, but whatever.  I still love her!  So far I haven’t had a chance to do any draping but she’s been a great model.  My cloths look so much better on her than my poor old dilapidated adjustable form.  I would highly recommend this dress form to others.

If you need more info, I found a great review here

Sunday, May 15, 2011

BWOF 5/05 125

Yes, I’ve been sewing, and I have crappy phone pics to prove it, lol. Seriously, though, I still don’t have a camera. The costumes and the performance have finally ended and I’ve been on a sewing roll since then. I’ll get some pics of the costumes up soon.

I’ve been so disappointed with Burda lately. I know some really like the new stuff, but the patterns are so boring, plain, and fattening. They’ve been dressing up boring, mundane patterns in beautiful fabric, but I’m buying the patterns, not the fabric. The good thing about this is that I get to go back and revisit all my old Burda’s. There are some really awesome patterns that I never got around to making.

Pattern: BWOF 5/05 125






Front Close-up:


Fabric Used: Poly/Lycra Jersey knit that feels like a beefy ITY from Gorgeous Fabrics (don’t you just love when someone links where to buy the fabric). This really is great fabric. In fact, I want to buy more of this stuff exactly in different prints. I know some people have issues with Poly and heat, but I was fine all day long when I wore this in the Georgia heat.

Pattern Notes:

For the pattern, I didn’t make any alteration at all and it fit perfect! The only difference is that I left the slit out and I hemmed it to where it me best. This dress is great is you have a large bust. I’m a D-cup and it fit perfect as is. There’s a little cleavage, but not really boobalicious, almost respectable cleavage.

There is a top version that was the selected pattern for detailed sewing instructions this issue, so the instructions are more detailed than usual BWOF. I deviated a lot from the instructions, though. I self-lined the bodice which completely changed the instructions. And it definitely looks a lot cleaner than their method. They want you to just turn and stitch every edge. I also used interfacing strips along the neckline edges, waistline, and hem, but I always do that anyways.

The twist was kind of confusing, esp since I self-lined it. It wasn’t hard, but you really have to think about what your doing. I pinned a lot of it together on my dressform to ensure I didn’t sew something backwards, upside down, etc. In the end it all worked out pretty good.

Conclusion: I LOVE it! Great pattern, especially if you have a large bust.