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Saturday, March 5, 2011

MMM Day 4 & 5

Introducing the Around the House Collection:

Friday and Saturday were really casual for me.  I didn’t go anywhere, I just worked.  My clothing would’ve been much worse- big, baggy Walmart tee and sweats- if I wasn’t sharing on the internet, lol.  I’m really one of those people.

Handmade Items: Jersey Tunic, Black Leggings

Ughh, I was having a major fat day.

Handmade Items: Graphic Tank, Velour Knit Pants

These pants were made from my knit pant block.  I cropped them and used 1/4” elastic for the gathering.  The elastic was contained in a casing that I used w/ the SA.  The SA is only open for the casing, above the casing, it’s just serged together like you usually do w/ knits.  You could also just use the SA serged together as a casing by itself.  When I was sewing it, I thought I was going to need elastic casings on both sides of the SA, but as you can see, one side was plenty.
Outside Gathering:
SA casing on the Inside:
The hem is also gathered into a small band at the bottom.  Since I didn’t have ribbing, I used the wrong side of the fabric.  It looks pretty close to ribbing to me.
Velour Tip:  Make sure you cut w/ the pile going down.  I didn’t realize this until AFTER I cut. 

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