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Thursday, March 3, 2011

MMM Day 2 & 3

Day 2
Very casual and still crazy hair.

Handmade Item: Black Knit Ponte Pant. This is based off of BWOF 11/07 122. Instead of a fold over waistband it has a contour waistband. It’s made out of Black Sofia Knit. This is the pattern I used to develop my knit pant block. Any knit/stretchy pant you see is most likely developed from this block, including my Jeggings.
Day 3
Better hair, thank you
Handmade Item: Black Maxi Dress (I love my maxi dress)
I do want to warn you that you will be seeing a lot of black and a lot of knits throughout MMM. That's what I like and that’s what gets worn, so that’s what gets made.

There also won’t be anything to interesting coming out of the sewing room b/c….. I’m sewing dance costumes for my daughter’s dance class! Yes, I’m one of those strange, wierd people who likes to sew for others. I thought it was going to be a leisurely project b/c the performance was originally in May, but it got moved to April. So I will be very busy in March sewing for that. I have some projects that I haven’t shown on the blog so I still have some things to show. Plus I might sneak a quick ‘n’ easy knit top in here or there.


  1. cute maxi, what kind of knit did you use for it?

  2. Thank you, I really do love this dress. It's so versatile. I used bamboo/cotton jersey from There's some more info on how I made the dress here-