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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BWOF 9/06 115- The 2 Yard Wrap Dress!

So I’m not a complete bore, I have a quickie review to share.

This is what I’m calling My Amazing 2 Yard Wrap Dress. I wanted to include a collar and cuffs, but I literally squeezed all I could out of my 2 yards.

Pattern Used: BWOF 9/06 115


Fabric: Leopard Printed Modal Spandex Spandex Jersey

Pattern Alterations: Nothing! That’s the great thing about Burda for me. I can confidently sew something up without being worried about major pattern errors or fit issues.

The only differences are minor. I used bindings instead of facings. This was mainly due to fabric constraints but I think bindings usually look better anyway. I also removed most of the sleeve cap ease, but this is typical on all knits I sew.

Neckline Binding Close-Up:


Conclusion: Love it! This dress is great because I feel (and look, I hope) sexy, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time.

If you are short on a gorgeous knit that would look great as a wrap dress, do NOT overlook this pattern. All the other wrap dress patterns I had on hand would not have been able to fit on 2 yards. There’s even a version with military details that’s really cute.

MMM Update- Bad News

My MMM plans have gone awry. My daughter broke my camera! She got mad while she was taking photos b/c she couldn’t get something right and threw it! It really takes a lot of patience dealing w/ kids, I swear. So I’ve been camera-less since Saturday.

I have been doing my MMM thing, I just haven’t been able to take photos. Is that allowed? Maybe when my camera situation gets fixed, I’ll do some re-takes. Is that even allowed either, lol.

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve worn:

Sunday Day 6- another casual work at home day

- Black Cotton Jersey Tank *Handmade Item*

-Black Sweats

Monday Day 7

-Black Cowl Knit top *Handmade Item*

-Bootcut Jeans

-Ballet Flats

Tuesday Day 8

-Black graphic tee

-Black Ponte Pants *Handmade Item* The same ones I wore the other day


Hmm I really should wear something more interesting if I’m going to blog about it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

MMM Day 4 & 5

Introducing the Around the House Collection:

Friday and Saturday were really casual for me.  I didn’t go anywhere, I just worked.  My clothing would’ve been much worse- big, baggy Walmart tee and sweats- if I wasn’t sharing on the internet, lol.  I’m really one of those people.

Handmade Items: Jersey Tunic, Black Leggings

Ughh, I was having a major fat day.

Handmade Items: Graphic Tank, Velour Knit Pants

These pants were made from my knit pant block.  I cropped them and used 1/4” elastic for the gathering.  The elastic was contained in a casing that I used w/ the SA.  The SA is only open for the casing, above the casing, it’s just serged together like you usually do w/ knits.  You could also just use the SA serged together as a casing by itself.  When I was sewing it, I thought I was going to need elastic casings on both sides of the SA, but as you can see, one side was plenty.
Outside Gathering:
SA casing on the Inside:
The hem is also gathered into a small band at the bottom.  Since I didn’t have ribbing, I used the wrong side of the fabric.  It looks pretty close to ribbing to me.
Velour Tip:  Make sure you cut w/ the pile going down.  I didn’t realize this until AFTER I cut. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

MMM Day 2 & 3

Day 2
Very casual and still crazy hair.

Handmade Item: Black Knit Ponte Pant. This is based off of BWOF 11/07 122. Instead of a fold over waistband it has a contour waistband. It’s made out of Black Sofia Knit. This is the pattern I used to develop my knit pant block. Any knit/stretchy pant you see is most likely developed from this block, including my Jeggings.
Day 3
Better hair, thank you
Handmade Item: Black Maxi Dress (I love my maxi dress)
I do want to warn you that you will be seeing a lot of black and a lot of knits throughout MMM. That's what I like and that’s what gets worn, so that’s what gets made.

There also won’t be anything to interesting coming out of the sewing room b/c….. I’m sewing dance costumes for my daughter’s dance class! Yes, I’m one of those strange, wierd people who likes to sew for others. I thought it was going to be a leisurely project b/c the performance was originally in May, but it got moved to April. So I will be very busy in March sewing for that. I have some projects that I haven’t shown on the blog so I still have some things to show. Plus I might sneak a quick ‘n’ easy knit top in here or there.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Me-Made-March Day 1


Yeah, it must be crazy hair day, too.  I didn’t realize it was so crazy until I saw the pics.  Photography is courtesy of T. 

Handmade Items:

-Boyfriend Cardigan, details below

-Lace Cami

The Boyfriend Cardigan





Some details:



Fabric Used: Polyester/Lycra sweater knit.  This was surprisingly nice to be all poly.  Yeah, I’m a fabric snob.

Pattern Notes:

I wanted a raglan sleeve, loose fitting cardigan, that didn’t look like a bag on me.  I used S2288 as a base and made lots of modifications to get the look I wanted.  Overall, it’s pretty much as I envisioned it and I’m very happy with the outcome. You won’t get this look using the pattern because I made a lot of changes, but I do recommend it.  It’s a good looser style raglan cardigan pattern. 

You might have noticed some changes in my sewing space.  I moved in January so I have a new sewing area.  Plus I have a new addition as well-  my new dressform!  I’m so in love with her and doesn’t she make my clothes looks so much better.  She’s from Roxy and I plan on writing a review soon.