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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Self-Drafted Jeggings

I haven’t been able to post for awhile. The Holidays really make life crazy, don’t they? Well, I did want to take a minute to share the jeggings.

Not my skinniest look, but I like them. A side view to see the fit (I look a little skinnier here, lol):


Don’t worry, I’m keeping my promise to only wear this with tops that cover my bottom.

These look killer with heels- and boots- but I decided to keep it real and wear flats for the photos. I also just wanted to show how they look with flats. When I was considering making a pair, I was searching online for photos. And all I could find was were photos with sky high heels which for me is not very realistic. I’m really only going to wear heels when I need more of a going out look. I have a more casual lifestyle and I really wear flats all the time. I mean c’mon, I’m a mom of a 5-yr old and I work from home. So here you go, a jegging photo w/ flats.

Fabric Used: Some mystery stash stuff from years ago. I have no idea what this is. It’s a really thin tencil/spandex (I think) woven. It’s funny b/c I bought this stuff around 2002 (yeah!) to make a pair of those denim look trousers that were in. Never happened and fast-forward 8 years they just happened to be perfect for leggings.

Pattern Notes:
I was going to use the McCall jeggings but I was worried about fit, so I used my knit pant block and turned it into these. I didn’t make a muslin, I just kind of used measurements and make adjustments on the pants as I sewed. There could definitely be some fine tuning, but I’m happy overall with how they turned out.

Fly Front

There’s a button on the inside. I felt that buttons were more secure than hook-n-eyes since these are so tight. I didn’t do a fly facing b/c I thought it would add bulk but I used a metal zipper. Big mistake! If you use a metal zipper, you really should have a fly facing. My panties provide a good enough barrier, but definitely a lesson learned for the future.

Side Zips
jegging preview

Conclusion: I feel more trendy in these, but I’ve decided I’m definitely more of a boot-cut girl. I’m going to stick with what works. I might get 1 or 2 more straight/narrow cut pants, but bootcuts are going to be my mainstay, despite what’s in style right now.


On the sewing front, my UFO pile got another addition. B5352 is half sewn, but needed to be set aside. That dress almost made me quit sewing, for real! I would’ve tossed it but I used my EOS $20/yrd rayon jersey so I can’t. So, I took a 2 week long break to clear my head, and then I made some quick and easy knit tops to make myself feel better. I’ll get photos and do a quick write up soon. I took photos of my tops on the same day I took these jeggings photos, but the flash made my tops see thru. I almost felt like a celebrity, lol.

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