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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

T-Shirt Tranformation

A few years back, I purchased “99 Ways to …” (The title is ridiculously long). This was back when the the whole cut your t-shirt trend was really big. And I unfortunately got sucked into the whole idea. Well I bought the book and tried a style out. When I put it on, I felt so ridiculous. I’m just not cut up your t-shirt type girl. I'm not sure why I never sold the book. Probably somewhere deep inside, l still think I can pull it off, lol.

Well T is pretty crafty and after going through the book, she told me that she wanted to do one of the t-shirts. I let her pick the style and we did one together. Here's the results:



And later, she took the hem we cut off and did this w/ it:


I thought it was cute enough to take a quick photo of. But we didn’t wear the headband out, lol.

Conclusion: This book is great as a fun crafty projects for kids. Some styles are kind of racy, but they're fine if you just throw a tank underneath.

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