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Sunday, October 10, 2010


I’ve been avoiding my UFO’s, so I whipped this up really quick. 


Pattern: B5035

Fabric Used: Viscose Jersey from EOS

Pattern Notes:

I don’t know what to say about this pattern.

It’s super quick and easy which is something I wanted.  It’s just 1 pattern piece that wraps around itself in some weird way.  And all the edges are unfinished.

I personally don’t like this pattern, but my reasoning is not fair.  Everything I don’t like about it, I knew before I made the pattern.  I do like the draped look, but I don’t like the whole asymmetrical hem.  Plus the lower edge that goes over the hips is very fitted and the rest of the shirt is huge.  I like the style of the shirt, but I don’t like the way this pattern goes about it.  Does that make any sense?

And I couldn’t deal with the unfinished edges.  To me, it made the shirt look home-made and cheap.  Maybe it was my fabric, b/c everyone’s version on PR looks really cute.  So I had to hem the bottom and add a binding to the neckline.  The sleeve and the sleeve slit looked fine raw, so I left it that way.

Neckline binding:


I was being lazy and I didn’t feel like changing the thread on my coverstitch, so I just used my sewing machine and topstitched with the narrow zig zag, the same seam I sew my knits with.

I really wanted to make the hem straight, but the shortest part, is pretty short and it wouldn’t look right.  Plus the bottom edge is so tight, I think it really needs to just kind of hang there and do whatever it wants to do. 

Conclusion:  After the finishing, I do like the shirt.  It’s cute, and it’s easy to wear.  But I don’t think I’ll use the pattern again.  I think I would prefer using a different method to get the oversized t-shirt look.  But who knows, it might grow on me  as I wear the shirt.

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