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Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Ok, so I'm finally back. i have had so much computer drama I've wanted to cry! First my computer died and as soon as I got a new one, my modem went out. Well, I'm back up and running so I'm thankful for that. And it looks like I had a nice surprise waiting for me. I've been awarded my first blog award from Candice at Thanks so much Candice, it made me feel better.

So for this award I'm supposed to:

1) Tell 10 things about myself
2) Pass it along to 5 blogs I like

This is a little hard for me b/c I'm kind of shy and private. But here goes:

1) I love to sew. I guess that's not a surprise, but I really, really do. And I can't tell something about myself and not include that.

2) I work from home. It's very boring and unglamourus, but it gives me a lot of flexibility and allows me to spend more time w/ my daughter.

3) I wear my hair natural. Although natural is kind of trendy now, I secretly want to get a relaxer again. But I won't b/c I'm too lazy. Natural is just so much easier.

4) I love to cook. But I'm queasy around meat that resembles anything that looks like an animal. So my meat dishes only include chicken breasts or ground beef.

5) I’ve decided to boycotting Fox b/c they keep cancelling all my favorite shows- 24, Terminator, Dollhouse, and more. Grrr! Why Fox, why! And the 2 shows left- House and Bones- just keep getting more and more ridiculous, it drives me crazy. (Ok, I might sneak and watch House and Bones)

6) I actually like sewing for others.

7) I started tearing up when I registered my daughter for kindergarten this year. It's official, she's now a big kid and no longer a baby.

8) I am so irritated by 80's revival. I thought it was agreed upon that it was the worst fashion period. I cringe when I see pictures of what I was wearing as a kid in the 80's. Ok, I'll do leggings and tunics, but that's it. Please let's let it go.

9) Working from home and being a mom has turned me into a fashion bum. One of my new recent goals is to start dressing better and getting back into fashion more.

10) I'm shy and I don't like to talk about myself so this was hard, lol.

Ok so now I will pass this award to some great blogs:

More sewing stuff to come.....

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