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Sunday, August 22, 2010

BWOF 7/09 124

Pattern Used: BWOF 7/09 124, although this exact same style appeared in Burda a few years before- but I have to many issues to try to find it, lol.

Fabric: Black ITY (the VW stuff) from Fabricmart





Pattern Notes: I can't think of anything bad to say about this dress. Sizing was great. I really love Burda for their consistency. I made my regular 42 and it fit perfect. It was also quick and easy to cut and sew. And I really love the style. It's just something casual to throw on, but still looks very cute. And its soooo comfortable to wear. I was worried that the poly would be hot, but I didn't even notice it in the hot Georgia heat.

The only alteration I made was to shorten it. I ended it right below the knees and I find that to be a very flattering length. I also decided to wear the neckline lower, which is simply done by adjusting the ties. It's flatters my figure better.

I also followed Tany's advice here by adding a tube top to go underneath. It's just a basic self drafted tube top. It's actually a muslin piece from a top I drafted for a friend.

Here's how the back looks with the tube:


Tube by itself:


There is NO way you can fit a bra under here, unless its a low back bustier. And this is a casual dress, so it's not that serious to break one of those out. Ok, I didn't add elastic to the tube, but I think I might go back and add it. It stays up in the back- which is where it counts- but as I wore it the front kept sliding under my bra. The tube is so thin I wouldn't notice unless I checked it. Since the back stayed up, it might just be my slippery bra. I haven't done it yet, but I'm considering it. It doesn't really bother me- I don't feel it- and it's not visible from the outside, so it would just be purely on principle. There is a slightly visible ridge on the bottom where the tube ends b/c of my coverstitched hem. But any hem would do the same so I'm not too worried. Plus it's not as obvious when I wear it as it in in the photos above.

Conclusion: Great pattern and I highly recommend it. I can't think of any problems with this pattern. I probably won't make another b/c I don't really need another, but I am probably going to do the top. We still have a lot of summer left here in Georgia.

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