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Sunday, August 22, 2010

BWOF 6/10 145/147

I posted this on Pattern Review for the children's contest, but I wanted to put it on here, just as a record for myself. I think this is a great sewing diary. Also, a few things might be different on here because this is written months after wearing and you notice things after that amount of time.

Pattern Used: BWOF 6/10 145/147

Fabric: Tutti Fruitti from Hancocks- my favorite fabric for girls' dresses






And yes, T is a diva!

Pattern Notes:

The pattern in basically just a bodice. You add rectangles for the tiers. I used the bodice of 145, and the two tiers shown in 147. Since this was made out of plisse, I didn't really need to line it.

As for the bodice fit, it was great around the bust. There is just enough growing room without it drooping all over the place over-exposing my child- unlike many children's bodices. But after she's worn it awhile, there is something funny about it. The front length is too short and the back length is too long. It's not a big deal b/c she's 5, but it is definitely something to take into account.

I added ribbon trim between the two tiers. Ofcourse I wanted to go crazy with the ribbon, but I restrained myself, lol. It really is just enough where it is. I wanted to add patch pockets with ribbon trim, but for some reason T was adamant about no pockets. I have no idea why, but hey- it was less work for me. And she's the one who has to wear it.

Ribbon Trim:

I also widened the straps. I really don't like spaghetti straps on little girls. My 3 top pet peeves with girls' dress is- spaghetti straps, loose and droopy bodices, and... zippers for closures. Luckily this was designed for buttons on the back. But for the life of me I couldn't understand what Burda was telling me to do. And I unfortunately could not find a similar piece of her cloths where the placket had to cross over a gathered skirt w/o a cb seam. So I winged it. I ended up not extending the placket into the skirt. She can still get it on so I guess it's ok. And ofcourse, after I make the dress, I suddenly find one of her pieces of cloths that has a placket style like that. Also, please note Burda gives a tiny placket extension so measure your button to make sure they will fit. The placket on this dress is mine so it's not part of the pattern.



Inside Back:


Conclusion: Overall, its a good pattern. It mainly just a bodice, but I think it's pretty good. You might want to do a quick mock up to test the fit b/c of the length issues I had. I wouldn't let that be a hinderance though. It's an easy fix. Plus, IMO it's hard to find a bodice like this in girls' dresses. The neckline is shaped well and most dress bodices are empire while this is full length. I'll definitely be using this again!

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  1. She is so great! You already know I love the dress.