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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick 'n' Easy Knits

Okay, why am I just now finding out I have a self timer on my camera! I feel so silly not knowing I had it all this time. My pics aren’t the best but my goal is to work on getting better. And look, they’re not blurry anymore so there’s a little progress.

These projects were mainly to learn my serger and coverstitch. I purchased them this summer and I still haven't seen all they can do. But I am definitely feeling more comfortable w/ them.




Pattern: McCall 5853
Fabric: Black Cotton/lycra jersey from

I wanted a layering tank that w/ straps thick enough to wear a bra underneath and this one was great.

Alterations: This is basically sewn as is. I like to play around w/ patterns a lot so I addded the shaped cb seam and it was totally unnecessary w/ such a fitted top. All it did was add SA bulk, but hey I gave it a try. The fit was pretty good. I do need to add a little to the hips and I need to raise the straps. It's not obscene on me, but there is definitely some cleavage going on.

Likes/Dislikes: I really think my bindings kick @$$.

Sorry, I was just in love w/ my bindings. I used to have such a hard time with them and I've finally developed a technique that works for me. Also, I have to say I really love my coverstitch. It's great to not have to fiddle around with the tension w/ my twin needles. I have the Brother CV and it produces a really nice stitch. I haven't had any problems w/ it so far. Yeah the whole tension release thing was really annoying at first, but after you get used to it, you hardly notice it.

Conclusion: I think this will be a TNT tank for me. I also want to try out some of the embellishment options w/ the pattern.

Leggings: (w/tank)
Pattern: McCall 5769
Fabric: Black Cotton/lycra jersey from

I've been wanting to make a pair of leggings and I was surprised at how hard it is to find a leggings pattern in the BIG 4. Especially considering they're so popular right now.

Alterations: It was perfect from the knee up, but I had to take it in alot below the knee to get the fitted legging look. I added length- my inseam plus 4" The extra 4" creates a gathered effect.


Conclusion: I like them and they're really comfy. I was thinking of a gray pair. There's not much else to say.

Tunic Top



I'm not sure why my leggings look so shiny in these photos. I think the lycra gives them a little sheen, but they're definitely not that shiny IRL.

Pattern: OOP Simplicity 2971
Fabric: Taupe rayon/poly/lycra jersey from

Alterations: This is a TNT that I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking it. I made soooo many changes to this top.

- I used the smallest size in the envelope. First off it’s huge, but I can’t complain b/c it’s obviously like that in the pattern photo.
-I changed the neckline. I decided the perfect length to wear as a loose neckline or even slightly fall over the shoulder. I then stabilized it so it wouldn’t stretch out. And more perfect bindings (j/k- but I am proud of my bindings).
- And I changed the ss. As drafted it’s a huge sack and I found out the hard way that it just makes me look fat. So I modified it so it would drape much nicer. I took a shape from some RTW tunic tops that I like. For me, I found the best shaping goes in at the waist and then straight from there to the hem.
-I also added a band, but there's a t-shirt style version where I don't use a band.
-I have 3 lengths for this. T-shirt w/o the bad, Tunic length, and dress length. This is my tunic length version so I can wear it w/leggings. I am really not feeling the whole leggings as pants look.

Cocnlusion: This a TNT that I’ve tweaked to a point where I really love it. It’s a basic and versatile style that you can do a lot with.

And since I'm dressed up and ready w/ my camera.....


This is the tunic from the previous post. I wanted to show how it looks on b/c it looks sooo crappy on my dressform.

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