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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sewing Expo!

So the Sewing Expo came to ATL and I figured wth, I should probably check it out. I’ve been in contact via email w/ Kati, who is organizing a BSC in Atl, and we decided we should meet up there and check it out together. It was nice having a chance to meet her and see her style of sewing. She was wearing a really cool deconstructed jacket she made. I’ve never been a part of a sewing club, but I like the idea of it. It would be really great to have other sewers to talk sewing to, share techniques, and bounce ideas off of.

As for the Expo, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured it was probably going to be a lot of quilting. And it was, with some embroidery thrown in. We even saw a huge quilting machine with a table that costs 16k. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what someone does with it. Ofcourse, it makes quilting large yardages of fabric easy, but do people really pay that much for custom quilts to justify that price tag.

I did end up buying some fabric at Vogue Fabrics. They had some really nice stuff at really nice prices. But what else would I expect from Vogue. In fact, shopping there made me very nostalgic. I miss living 5 minutes from Vogue just being able to pop in to browse or buy. As for my purchases, I was good. I bought very little and it was only stuff I need (for real!). I was really tempted to buy some stretch lace from Luc Smiers Fine French Laces, but I resisted. Their stretch laces were beautiful, though. I could see making some really cute cami and panty sets from KS 3167 (in my stash), but my to sew list is already a mile long.

In conclusion, I'll pass on the next expo, unless all my stash magically gets sewn up and I need to replenish it at Vogues.

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