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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've Been Bad

Despite my goal to reduce my stash, I went fabric shopping. Look at my new additions!

With all these bright colors and prints, I obviously have spring on the brain, lol.

Some Emmaonesock knits:


I also ordered some weft interfacing from her. I need some more and I wanted to try hers out. Plus its under $5/yrd and it 60" wide.

From Fabricmart:


I purchased some cotton twill, silks, and knits.

I just joined the Fabric Mart swatch club and it’s the best one (for me) that I’ve tried. In the past, I’ve tried Vogue Fabrics, Sawyerbrooks, and FFC when they used to have it. Fabric Mart has good quality, stuff that’s my style, and its priced right in my budget. What’s not to love!

Excuse my while I go roll around in my goodies :)

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