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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sewing Expo!

So the Sewing Expo came to ATL and I figured wth, I should probably check it out. I’ve been in contact via email w/ Kati, who is organizing a BSC in Atl, and we decided we should meet up there and check it out together. It was nice having a chance to meet her and see her style of sewing. She was wearing a really cool deconstructed jacket she made. I’ve never been a part of a sewing club, but I like the idea of it. It would be really great to have other sewers to talk sewing to, share techniques, and bounce ideas off of.

As for the Expo, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured it was probably going to be a lot of quilting. And it was, with some embroidery thrown in. We even saw a huge quilting machine with a table that costs 16k. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what someone does with it. Ofcourse, it makes quilting large yardages of fabric easy, but do people really pay that much for custom quilts to justify that price tag.

I did end up buying some fabric at Vogue Fabrics. They had some really nice stuff at really nice prices. But what else would I expect from Vogue. In fact, shopping there made me very nostalgic. I miss living 5 minutes from Vogue just being able to pop in to browse or buy. As for my purchases, I was good. I bought very little and it was only stuff I need (for real!). I was really tempted to buy some stretch lace from Luc Smiers Fine French Laces, but I resisted. Their stretch laces were beautiful, though. I could see making some really cute cami and panty sets from KS 3167 (in my stash), but my to sew list is already a mile long.

In conclusion, I'll pass on the next expo, unless all my stash magically gets sewn up and I need to replenish it at Vogues.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've Been Bad

Despite my goal to reduce my stash, I went fabric shopping. Look at my new additions!

With all these bright colors and prints, I obviously have spring on the brain, lol.

Some Emmaonesock knits:


I also ordered some weft interfacing from her. I need some more and I wanted to try hers out. Plus its under $5/yrd and it 60" wide.

From Fabricmart:


I purchased some cotton twill, silks, and knits.

I just joined the Fabric Mart swatch club and it’s the best one (for me) that I’ve tried. In the past, I’ve tried Vogue Fabrics, Sawyerbrooks, and FFC when they used to have it. Fabric Mart has good quality, stuff that’s my style, and its priced right in my budget. What’s not to love!

Excuse my while I go roll around in my goodies :)

Cardis, Cardis, and More Cardis

My Mom’s Cardigan
Pattern Used: Simplicity 3634
Fabric Used: Gray Rayon/Poly/Lycra jersey from Spandexworld

My mom told me she wanted a long version with wide sleeves so Simplicity 2603 was not going to work. After going through my pattern stash I decided to use Simplicity 3634 w/ some modifications. I added a long rectangle piece to the neckline and front edge to create a drape and I modified the sleeve to have a bell shape. I also added a belt and belt loops since there weren’t any closures



Elastic for Back-neck: I use the elastic casing like in Simplicty 2603.


Inside back collar: I tacked the collar down at the cb and shoulder seams to help control the drape so it wouldn't flop around too much.


Bell Sleeve:

Hem: I left the front edge raw and just folded it in 1/2". Then, I serged the raw edge, mitered the corner, and top stitched the hem with a twin needle. I think it came out very clean.


Inside view:


Cardigan: Simplicity 2603 (again)
Tank: BWOF 11/06 #111
Fabric Used: Hot Pink Rayon/Poly/Lycra jersey from Spandexworld

Ok, I couldn’t do the long, long, long front so I cut my pink one down to the smaller cardi. Much better and much more easier for me to wear. I like non fussy stuff and the long front was just too much.


I also made a tank using a tank pattern from an old BWOF back issue. I usually have to do a sway back adjustment, so I decided to just add a CB seam for shaping. I used the back pattern piece from old school OOP NL 6188 as a guide. This tank is awesome! Well, I could bring the neckline up about 1”. But the fit is amazing. It’s not too tight, not too loose. It's flatteringly fitted and isn’t tight around the “mommy” belly. I also like the arnholes, they’re high and wide in the front so bra straps are not an issue.

Front: (Wow, I really should've steamed this)




This tank also holds a special place in my heart b/c it’s my first garment completely sewn by my serger and coverstitch. Yeah, I finally broke out the coverstitch and I LOVE it. So much better than twin needle stitching. The tension release can be annoying, but you get used to it. What matters is that it makes a really nice coverstitch.

Black Version: (I promise to steam my stuff before photos from now on)
Fabric Used: Black Rayon/Poly/Lycra jersey from Spandexworld


I wear this one the most b/c well, it’s black. But sewing this was a nightmare. I bought 5 yrds of rayon jersey and I'm almost sure it was defective. It was twisted or something; it was awful. At first, I didn’t realize it. I just didn’t understand why it was acting so crazy during cutout. And then it was behaving really crazy during sewing. After that I thought something might be wrong. When I looked at the fabric yardage again and I realized this must be “twisted” knit or knit off grain. This is my first time running into it and it’s as awful as I've read about! I finished my cardi and just threw the rest away. I was mad, too, b/c I bought so much.

Also, I lost the sleeve to my cardi pattern, so I had to draft my own sleeve. Since my fabric was acting so crazy, I decided to cut off the cuff piece and disregard the tuck. I just finished it w/ a regular twin needle hem.