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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ooh La Lingerie

So I really wanted to enter a PR contest this year. Leave it up to me to enter a contest w/o a prize, lol. But I had the materials on hand and the timing was right. I am really trying to get my stash down and I had some crepe back satin, left over from a project, and some lace fabric, from a project that never materialized. I had too much to throw away, but not enough to make anything I wanted. So a cami and tap pant set seemed like the obvious choice.

For the cami I used the pattern from Kwik Sew's Beautiful Lingerie. The only alteration I made was to add a dart in the armhole area. I needed an FBA, but decided to pinch out what I didn't need and form a dart. It went w/ the design.

This was my first time working w/ lace and I'm surprised at how easy and fun (yeah, I said fun) it was. My main resource for this was Bridal Couture by Susan Khalje. BTW, this book is a must have. My cami set it not couture, everything was sewn by machine, but her lace working tips were invaluable. Since I had lace fabric that was only a 1/2 yrd, I had to turn into lace trim w/ some clever piecing. In fact the piecing made it easier b/c it went over curves smoother.

Here's a pic showing my lace fabric and my creative piecing.


I also had to pick a method to attatch the lace and after a few samples here's what I decided on:

-I stabilized the all edges w/ strips of fusible knit interfacing. Then, I serged the raw edges (even the neckline) and turned and stitched them down. This worked great since many of my edges have curves.
- I cut up my lace into strips following the motif I thought would work best for my design.
-I placed and pinned the pieces on my garment in a way I thought looked best, taking extra care to make the piecing invisible.
-I then zigzagged around the edge of the lace that covered the body of the garment, and then zigzagged around the edge (hem and neckline) leaving any over-hanging lace free. I used black thread on top and a thread matching my fabric in the bobbin. Afterwards, I went back and zigzagged around the edges were I pieced the lace.

Lace Detail:

Lace detail from the inside:

Top back edge where you can see how I finished the edges and you can also see how I attatched the strap. I just stitched it down in a square.

For the tap pants I used Burda Magazine Dec 2008 #129. This is why I love all my Burda back issues. Anytime I get it in my head to make something, I am guaranteed find it in a Burda back issue.

As for this pattern, it's good. No complaints. Just a few notes:

-The waist is high and they are very short.
-They're not the loose, flared style. They're comfortable, but they are more fitted in the leg.
-The waistband takes 1/4" elastic, the casing is 3/8" on the pattern.

Final Garment:


I LOVE it!!! I got rid of some stash, learned some new techniques, and got a pretty cami set. What's not to love!

In fact, I want to make more lingerie. I have some red crepe back satin, left over black lace pieces, some baby blue charmuese, and some yellow lace fabric. I'm thinking about another cami in the red and black, I don't think I have enough for a set. And a lace trimmed chemise for the baby blue and yellow lace.

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