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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simplicity 2287

Simplicity 2287

I bought this only for the mockneck. I’m really not sure what’s going on with the other items in this wardrobe pattern, but they sure are hiding a great mock-neck pattern. I usually hate turtlenecks, but it’s been so cold I felt like I really needed a warm top. And mock necks are easier on my neck.

Fabric Used: Modal/Spandex jersey





Gathering in front:


Sleeve Detail:


A 4” inch section is gathered close to the end of the sleeve. I lengthened the sleeves to full length instead of 3/4 sleeves. I didn’t use the suggested 1/4” elastic. I just used elastic thread in the bobbin.

Back Slit:


I omitted the zipper and added a slit in the back for detail.

Conclusion: Love it! I wore it as soon as I made it. This is a great basic pattern that lends itself to some fun design details. I can see changing it up a little and making more.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Self-Drafted Jeggings

I haven’t been able to post for awhile. The Holidays really make life crazy, don’t they? Well, I did want to take a minute to share the jeggings.

Not my skinniest look, but I like them. A side view to see the fit (I look a little skinnier here, lol):


Don’t worry, I’m keeping my promise to only wear this with tops that cover my bottom.

These look killer with heels- and boots- but I decided to keep it real and wear flats for the photos. I also just wanted to show how they look with flats. When I was considering making a pair, I was searching online for photos. And all I could find was were photos with sky high heels which for me is not very realistic. I’m really only going to wear heels when I need more of a going out look. I have a more casual lifestyle and I really wear flats all the time. I mean c’mon, I’m a mom of a 5-yr old and I work from home. So here you go, a jegging photo w/ flats.

Fabric Used: Some mystery stash stuff from years ago. I have no idea what this is. It’s a really thin tencil/spandex (I think) woven. It’s funny b/c I bought this stuff around 2002 (yeah!) to make a pair of those denim look trousers that were in. Never happened and fast-forward 8 years they just happened to be perfect for leggings.

Pattern Notes:
I was going to use the McCall jeggings but I was worried about fit, so I used my knit pant block and turned it into these. I didn’t make a muslin, I just kind of used measurements and make adjustments on the pants as I sewed. There could definitely be some fine tuning, but I’m happy overall with how they turned out.

Fly Front

There’s a button on the inside. I felt that buttons were more secure than hook-n-eyes since these are so tight. I didn’t do a fly facing b/c I thought it would add bulk but I used a metal zipper. Big mistake! If you use a metal zipper, you really should have a fly facing. My panties provide a good enough barrier, but definitely a lesson learned for the future.

Side Zips
jegging preview

Conclusion: I feel more trendy in these, but I’ve decided I’m definitely more of a boot-cut girl. I’m going to stick with what works. I might get 1 or 2 more straight/narrow cut pants, but bootcuts are going to be my mainstay, despite what’s in style right now.


On the sewing front, my UFO pile got another addition. B5352 is half sewn, but needed to be set aside. That dress almost made me quit sewing, for real! I would’ve tossed it but I used my EOS $20/yrd rayon jersey so I can’t. So, I took a 2 week long break to clear my head, and then I made some quick and easy knit tops to make myself feel better. I’ll get photos and do a quick write up soon. I took photos of my tops on the same day I took these jeggings photos, but the flash made my tops see thru. I almost felt like a celebrity, lol.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I’m Working On

Since I finished that UFO, I allowed myself to start another project.  And I’m making jeggings.  Yes, jeggings.  And I think this makes me the biggest hypocrite b/c I hate the whole super tight pants trend.  But to stay true to myself, I promise to always wear something that covers my butt in them.

Here’s my inspiration- a very clean style by Vince.  I really heart Vince.  And if I had the money to buy designer cloths, I would be all over that line.


I was going to use McCall 6173, but I was too paranoid to trust their draft.  I know I’m bad, but I hate making muslins.  I’ll do anything to avoid it.  I had my pattern all traced and ready to go, but I just couldn’t cut my fabric. I kept having visions of nightmare crotch curves, lol.  So I ended up drafting them myself.  I used my knit pant block that was developed from a BWOF pattern.  I knew all the important stuff –waist to hip area- fit and I worked from there to make them tight and skinny. 

They’re currently in progress and I hope to be able to share soon.  But here’s a sneak peak.

jegging preview

That’s the hem w/ the zipper on the side.  Sorry if the photo is kinda cheesy, but I tried, lol.

In other news, I have a T project.  She likes to sew, so I’m teaching her the ropes.  Here’s a quick and easy project she made.  I cut and directed, but she sewed the whole thing.  I used post its as a seam guide- a great tip that I got from Debbie’s blog- to make sure she kept her seams straight.  It really did help her control her seams.


It’s just a simple drawstring bag made out of some stash red satin she picked out.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How I Spent My Friday Night Sew In

I hope it’s not to late to post about my Friday Night Sew In. I just got off work and did a quick photo shoot, whew.

So last night was very productive! A UFO got finished and one got a little further along.

Pattern: BWOF 6/10 150


Fabric: Tutti Fruitti print from Hancocks



Ballerina Pose (Had to throw that one in)


Detail Shots:



(oops, looks like the bow slid over a little from all those action shots, lol)



Side (Invisible Zipper and Thread Chain)006

Conclusion: This is a great pattern that I highly recommend. Very cute details that you don’t always see in children’s patterns. And I have to say Burda did a good job on drafting. Their bodices never gap on my daughter.

Sorry, this is kind of brief. I’m still tired from work today and sewing last night, lol. If anyone reading this is planning to make this, email me or leave me a comment and I can share my advice and any changes I made.

As for the other UFO I worked on, it’s a top for my mom that I got the lining cut out on.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Friday Night Sew In

Yay, I finally decided to participate!

It's hosted by Handmade by Heid

Maybe I'll finish up some of those UFO's that are mocking me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I’ve been avoiding my UFO’s, so I whipped this up really quick. 


Pattern: B5035

Fabric Used: Viscose Jersey from EOS

Pattern Notes:

I don’t know what to say about this pattern.

It’s super quick and easy which is something I wanted.  It’s just 1 pattern piece that wraps around itself in some weird way.  And all the edges are unfinished.

I personally don’t like this pattern, but my reasoning is not fair.  Everything I don’t like about it, I knew before I made the pattern.  I do like the draped look, but I don’t like the whole asymmetrical hem.  Plus the lower edge that goes over the hips is very fitted and the rest of the shirt is huge.  I like the style of the shirt, but I don’t like the way this pattern goes about it.  Does that make any sense?

And I couldn’t deal with the unfinished edges.  To me, it made the shirt look home-made and cheap.  Maybe it was my fabric, b/c everyone’s version on PR looks really cute.  So I had to hem the bottom and add a binding to the neckline.  The sleeve and the sleeve slit looked fine raw, so I left it that way.

Neckline binding:


I was being lazy and I didn’t feel like changing the thread on my coverstitch, so I just used my sewing machine and topstitched with the narrow zig zag, the same seam I sew my knits with.

I really wanted to make the hem straight, but the shortest part, is pretty short and it wouldn’t look right.  Plus the bottom edge is so tight, I think it really needs to just kind of hang there and do whatever it wants to do. 

Conclusion:  After the finishing, I do like the shirt.  It’s cute, and it’s easy to wear.  But I don’t think I’ll use the pattern again.  I think I would prefer using a different method to get the oversized t-shirt look.  But who knows, it might grow on me  as I wear the shirt.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Simplicity 2317

I had it stuck in my head that I wanted a racerback maxi tank dress. So I used the tank top from Simplicty 2317 and came up with this:





Fabric Used: Bamboo/Cotton Jersey from

Pattern Notes: I'm so happy Simplicity came out with this because I thought I was gonna have to draft this from scratch. As soon as I was getting ready to start this project, I found this pattern on sale at Hancock's.

I didn't do binding. Instead, I self lined the bodice for a little extra coverage and support. It gave it a very clean finish which is what I was looking for.


Here’s how the self lining looks:



I obviously lengthened this into a maxi dress. I did create the bottom portion to be fitted around the hips, and flare out at the bottom, starting around the knee

I raised the neckline on the pattern 1/2" b/c it seems I always need to do that lately. The neckline ended up perfect.

I also had to take it in a LOT. I quickly basted the front and back together to check fit. I took in 2" on the underam side seam and an inch on the strap. That's pretty typical with a lot of knit patterns. And its easy to fix, so I wasn't bothered by that.

This is the first time I used Design Plus Super Fine Stay Tape and it really "stays." I usually use strips of Pro Sheer interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply. That holds, but it it has more give than this stay tape. Well my neckline and armholes are a little tight now, lol. But it's good to know how it reacts for the future.

Conclusion:This dress is a great staple. I can wear it alone, with a moto-style leather jacket, and even with a sweater over it as a maxi skirt. I actually think I want another one in nude. I have some VW ITY in nude that I've been wanting to use for a wrap dress, but I might use it for this instead.

As for the pattern itself, I think it's a great racerback tank. I also like the pj options.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

KS 3740

Good News! I was able to salvage the pics on my old computer so here's photos of my last 2 dresses on me. Please excuse my crazy hair, though. I was visiting my Gramma's house and she is the informercial queen. Well, she had an Instyler and I of course had to try it. It worked decent, but I got tired halfway through the straightening process and just gave up. So I just threw it in a ponytail, added a head band, and called it a day.

NL 6429


BWOF 7/09 124


It's not the most slimming, but this is so comfortable to wear, almost like throwing on a pair of sweats- seriously.

And another review I've been meaning to write up:

KS 3740


Fabric Used: Bamboo/Cotton Jersey, and matching Bamboo/Cotton Ribbing from

Pattern Notes: This pattern is as great as all the hype on PR has made it out to be. No fit alterations whatsoever! What makes it great:

-subtle side seam shaping that needed no alteration
-perfectly draped cowl
-neckline is in just the right spot- not too low, not too high.

The only changes I made were minor design changes. I shortened the sleeves and added a ribbed band.

Conclusion: Great pattern! This was my first Kwik Sew, and I'm definitely impressed.

On the sewing front, I'm kind of in a rut. I have 3 UFO's. Ughh! I hate UFO's. I can't force myself to finish any of them, and I can't start anything new with that many projects in progress. So I haven't sewn at all in a week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

T-Shirt Tranformation

A few years back, I purchased “99 Ways to …” (The title is ridiculously long). This was back when the the whole cut your t-shirt trend was really big. And I unfortunately got sucked into the whole idea. Well I bought the book and tried a style out. When I put it on, I felt so ridiculous. I’m just not cut up your t-shirt type girl. I'm not sure why I never sold the book. Probably somewhere deep inside, l still think I can pull it off, lol.

Well T is pretty crafty and after going through the book, she told me that she wanted to do one of the t-shirts. I let her pick the style and we did one together. Here's the results:



And later, she took the hem we cut off and did this w/ it:


I thought it was cute enough to take a quick photo of. But we didn’t wear the headband out, lol.

Conclusion: This book is great as a fun crafty projects for kids. Some styles are kind of racy, but they're fine if you just throw a tank underneath.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If I had an Embroidery Machine....

I would so make these!

Stella McCartney "Knickers of the Week" set:

Yes, I'm a grown up and I think these are the cutest things. If I wasn't on a budget and had $200 to blow (yeah right, lol) I would buy these.

Here's a close up:

I've been fantasizing about getting an embroidery machine (Brother SE350/400) and this makes me want one even more. But it's probably not happening any time soon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Look 6429

So when my computer died, all my recent photos died along with it. I had most of the recent stuff I made saved on there so it's looks like I'll have to re-take most of my photos. Grr! I'm so mad I didn't more stuff to photobucket. I even had my sis take photos of me in everything when I visited Chicago. Well here's a FO while I whine and complain.

Pattern: NL 6429

Description: Knit faux wrap dress w/ sleeve and collar variations

Fabric Used: Rayon/ Lycra jersey from EOS





Pattern Notes: All I have to say is that this is a great pattern. It's such a classy style that would look great on just about all figure types. I didn't have any real issues with the pattern. Everything went together great. And the instructions are very clear. This is also very easy and fast to sew. I was surprised at how quick I had a brand new dress. The fitting and alteration is what took the most time.

One of the things I really liked about this pattern is how shaped the pattern pieces are. It gives you a lot of fitting room if you are using a more stable knit. And it really flatters curves. I don't know how visible it is in the picture, but there's a lot of cute seaming detail. And don't worry, it's a lot pieces, but they aren't hard to sew and they all fit together right.

The only thing to be aware of with this pattern is that the neckline is supper low. I had to raise it a few inches. This might not be a problem for others because I always seems to have too low neckline. It wasn't unwearable before, but I wanted this dress to work as a day dress, too, so I needed to tone down all the boob. I rarely make a muslin (bad, I know) so I had to do this on the garment. I raised it the shoulder seam. The neckline fits great now, but it did leave one of my pieces a little short. It's the piece that wraps inside. I just used 2 thread chain to tack it to the side seams and I have no problems. Honestly with the adjustment it stays in place even without the thread chains, but I did it because it looks better inside that just having a floating piece.

The pattern calls for a facing but I used an inside binding on the neckline. I'm not a big fan of facings on knits so I was playing around with some other methods. This was the first time I tried this and I like it. It's stabilized the neckline and it still gives the neckline a clean finish, except for the top coverstitching of course.

Conclusion: I highly recommend it. I made my neckline adjustments on the pattern so next time I can sew it up super quick. With the different sleeve and collar options you really have a lot of variety from pretty summer dress to going out dress (u can use the regular low neck, lol) to work dress. And you can't beat how easy it is.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Ok, so I'm finally back. i have had so much computer drama I've wanted to cry! First my computer died and as soon as I got a new one, my modem went out. Well, I'm back up and running so I'm thankful for that. And it looks like I had a nice surprise waiting for me. I've been awarded my first blog award from Candice at Thanks so much Candice, it made me feel better.

So for this award I'm supposed to:

1) Tell 10 things about myself
2) Pass it along to 5 blogs I like

This is a little hard for me b/c I'm kind of shy and private. But here goes:

1) I love to sew. I guess that's not a surprise, but I really, really do. And I can't tell something about myself and not include that.

2) I work from home. It's very boring and unglamourus, but it gives me a lot of flexibility and allows me to spend more time w/ my daughter.

3) I wear my hair natural. Although natural is kind of trendy now, I secretly want to get a relaxer again. But I won't b/c I'm too lazy. Natural is just so much easier.

4) I love to cook. But I'm queasy around meat that resembles anything that looks like an animal. So my meat dishes only include chicken breasts or ground beef.

5) I’ve decided to boycotting Fox b/c they keep cancelling all my favorite shows- 24, Terminator, Dollhouse, and more. Grrr! Why Fox, why! And the 2 shows left- House and Bones- just keep getting more and more ridiculous, it drives me crazy. (Ok, I might sneak and watch House and Bones)

6) I actually like sewing for others.

7) I started tearing up when I registered my daughter for kindergarten this year. It's official, she's now a big kid and no longer a baby.

8) I am so irritated by 80's revival. I thought it was agreed upon that it was the worst fashion period. I cringe when I see pictures of what I was wearing as a kid in the 80's. Ok, I'll do leggings and tunics, but that's it. Please let's let it go.

9) Working from home and being a mom has turned me into a fashion bum. One of my new recent goals is to start dressing better and getting back into fashion more.

10) I'm shy and I don't like to talk about myself so this was hard, lol.

Ok so now I will pass this award to some great blogs:

More sewing stuff to come.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Playing with T-Shirt Transfers

I used Tattos Tees and I have to say this book is great. Its only t-shirt transfers, but the graphics are really cool. You get a lot and they even provide ideas for placement. There are only two drawbacks. One is that most of the designs are too large for childrens' clothes. They'll fit, but the proportions aren't the best. And second, is that some of the designs are pressed into other from other pages. For example, if two designs are on opposite pages, they both have a faint outline of the other on each other. Luckily, it's very faint so its not very obvious on t-shirt. This is my first attempt doing t-shirt transfer so that might even be how they all are.

Ofcourse, I got all these ideas for transfers and ordered all this t-shirt knit from And I only end up making one tank. I still have plans for more, but you know how sewing goes. More ideas(and fabric and patterns) than time. Plus, I think I just sew really slow, lol.

But here's the tank I made. Yeah, I know it's wrinkled, but I'm trying to get better. I also didn't include any pattern notes b/c its a basic tank that I reviewed here. But I did give myself that extra hip room.

Pattern Used: M5853

Fabric: A poly/lycra knit from when Voguefabrics was in town during the expo. I really miss Vogue so much.







Conclusion: If you have any interest in making contemporary graphic tees or tanks, Tattoo Tees is a must have.

BWOF 6/10 145/147

I posted this on Pattern Review for the children's contest, but I wanted to put it on here, just as a record for myself. I think this is a great sewing diary. Also, a few things might be different on here because this is written months after wearing and you notice things after that amount of time.

Pattern Used: BWOF 6/10 145/147

Fabric: Tutti Fruitti from Hancocks- my favorite fabric for girls' dresses






And yes, T is a diva!

Pattern Notes:

The pattern in basically just a bodice. You add rectangles for the tiers. I used the bodice of 145, and the two tiers shown in 147. Since this was made out of plisse, I didn't really need to line it.

As for the bodice fit, it was great around the bust. There is just enough growing room without it drooping all over the place over-exposing my child- unlike many children's bodices. But after she's worn it awhile, there is something funny about it. The front length is too short and the back length is too long. It's not a big deal b/c she's 5, but it is definitely something to take into account.

I added ribbon trim between the two tiers. Ofcourse I wanted to go crazy with the ribbon, but I restrained myself, lol. It really is just enough where it is. I wanted to add patch pockets with ribbon trim, but for some reason T was adamant about no pockets. I have no idea why, but hey- it was less work for me. And she's the one who has to wear it.

Ribbon Trim:

I also widened the straps. I really don't like spaghetti straps on little girls. My 3 top pet peeves with girls' dress is- spaghetti straps, loose and droopy bodices, and... zippers for closures. Luckily this was designed for buttons on the back. But for the life of me I couldn't understand what Burda was telling me to do. And I unfortunately could not find a similar piece of her cloths where the placket had to cross over a gathered skirt w/o a cb seam. So I winged it. I ended up not extending the placket into the skirt. She can still get it on so I guess it's ok. And ofcourse, after I make the dress, I suddenly find one of her pieces of cloths that has a placket style like that. Also, please note Burda gives a tiny placket extension so measure your button to make sure they will fit. The placket on this dress is mine so it's not part of the pattern.



Inside Back:


Conclusion: Overall, its a good pattern. It mainly just a bodice, but I think it's pretty good. You might want to do a quick mock up to test the fit b/c of the length issues I had. I wouldn't let that be a hinderance though. It's an easy fix. Plus, IMO it's hard to find a bodice like this in girls' dresses. The neckline is shaped well and most dress bodices are empire while this is full length. I'll definitely be using this again!

BWOF 7/09 124

Pattern Used: BWOF 7/09 124, although this exact same style appeared in Burda a few years before- but I have to many issues to try to find it, lol.

Fabric: Black ITY (the VW stuff) from Fabricmart





Pattern Notes: I can't think of anything bad to say about this dress. Sizing was great. I really love Burda for their consistency. I made my regular 42 and it fit perfect. It was also quick and easy to cut and sew. And I really love the style. It's just something casual to throw on, but still looks very cute. And its soooo comfortable to wear. I was worried that the poly would be hot, but I didn't even notice it in the hot Georgia heat.

The only alteration I made was to shorten it. I ended it right below the knees and I find that to be a very flattering length. I also decided to wear the neckline lower, which is simply done by adjusting the ties. It's flatters my figure better.

I also followed Tany's advice here by adding a tube top to go underneath. It's just a basic self drafted tube top. It's actually a muslin piece from a top I drafted for a friend.

Here's how the back looks with the tube:


Tube by itself:


There is NO way you can fit a bra under here, unless its a low back bustier. And this is a casual dress, so it's not that serious to break one of those out. Ok, I didn't add elastic to the tube, but I think I might go back and add it. It stays up in the back- which is where it counts- but as I wore it the front kept sliding under my bra. The tube is so thin I wouldn't notice unless I checked it. Since the back stayed up, it might just be my slippery bra. I haven't done it yet, but I'm considering it. It doesn't really bother me- I don't feel it- and it's not visible from the outside, so it would just be purely on principle. There is a slightly visible ridge on the bottom where the tube ends b/c of my coverstitched hem. But any hem would do the same so I'm not too worried. Plus it's not as obvious when I wear it as it in in the photos above.

Conclusion: Great pattern and I highly recommend it. I can't think of any problems with this pattern. I probably won't make another b/c I don't really need another, but I am probably going to do the top. We still have a lot of summer left here in Georgia.