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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Something

I finished these two items up right before I left Tampa. I was trying out my new sergers. Yes, I finally decided to treat myself to a serger. Well here are my first serger projects.

Simplicity 2603

I participated in the Sew Along at Plus, I've been wanting to make this forever. I used rayon/poly/spandex jersey from . BTW, I love them! Their prices are great and I've been happy with all my purchases. If you've considered making this pattern, I would definitely recommend it. I made the small and I didn't make any adjustments. Cutting out is a PITA, but it makes up for it with the construction. I was just complaining about how slow I sew, but this only took a few hours.


Tied (how I will wear it):

McCall 5917:

The pattern is a hot mess IMO, but it turned out cute w/ a lot of work on my part. I used purple jersey from Joann's. I'll try to get a detail shot of the bodice so you can see the detail.

If you care to see my issues w/ the pattern you can check out my review.

I am still not sure why my pics are coming up so blurry on blogger w/ my new camera. I'm going to play around w/ it and try to figure out why.

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