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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Something

I finished these two items up right before I left Tampa. I was trying out my new sergers. Yes, I finally decided to treat myself to a serger. Well here are my first serger projects.

Simplicity 2603

I participated in the Sew Along at Plus, I've been wanting to make this forever. I used rayon/poly/spandex jersey from . BTW, I love them! Their prices are great and I've been happy with all my purchases. If you've considered making this pattern, I would definitely recommend it. I made the small and I didn't make any adjustments. Cutting out is a PITA, but it makes up for it with the construction. I was just complaining about how slow I sew, but this only took a few hours.


Tied (how I will wear it):

McCall 5917:

The pattern is a hot mess IMO, but it turned out cute w/ a lot of work on my part. I used purple jersey from Joann's. I'll try to get a detail shot of the bodice so you can see the detail.

If you care to see my issues w/ the pattern you can check out my review.

I am still not sure why my pics are coming up so blurry on blogger w/ my new camera. I'm going to play around w/ it and try to figure out why.

New Move

Okay, I'm probably crazy but I just moved to Atlanta. I felt like I needed a change of scenery and the opportunity was there so I took it. I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do b/c I really don't know anybody here and I work from home so I won't be meeting anyone through work. Although there were some things I liked about Tampa, I didn't feel at home there. And who knows, I'm a military brat, so I may never feel at home anywhere.

But so far, everything has gone ok. I finally have a sewing room- yay! But I have to share it as an office space, but no biggie. It's a lot more than I ever had before. And get this, the previous tenants left this huge, solid wood desk. It's perfect for sewing- I can fit all my machines on there and still have some work space left. As for other areas, my daughter is in school and I'm all set up for work. So I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. I guess I'm going to just drive around and visit different places to kind of get a feel for the city. And of course take advantage of all the great community stuff Atlanta has going on.

On the bad side- It's sooo cold. You wouldn't believe I was originally from Chicago the way I can't tolerate the cold. Florida really has me spoiled. I came here in flip flops and a tank top and I need to go buy some winter coats, lol. I don't think I kept mine from Chicago, but if I did, it's buried deep in some box somewhere.

Well I'm still trying to get settled, so no sewing right now, but I plan to start up again soon. So hopefully some reviews will be up soon.