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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Simplicity 3859 Version 3

Front and Back:

In the front view, she's putting her hand on her hip which makes the dress look a little lopsided, but it's not :)

Fabric: Cotton Plaid Seersucker, Cotton Plisse for contrast


Well when you look at this, it's looks nothing like Simplicity 3859 and here's why. I originally was going to make McCall 5308 View A and H (top and bottom). That's what I originally bought fabric for. But my daughter really likes dresses so she practically begged for it to be a dress. So I decided to make View F. Keep in mind the plaid was only supposed to be for the top so that's how much fabric I was working with. Well after looking at the pattern pieces and the instructions, I decided that I didn't like the pattern.

-I used the Simplicity 3859 bodice b/c it was already fitted for my daughter.
-I made the straps thicker (something I meant to do originally).
-I didn't like the tie at all. It was way to wide and it was sewed with a pleat in the back to make it look fuller. I drafted my own piece and made the width more proportionate.
-I didn't like how there were buttons all the way down the back b/c that basically meant the back was open. I wanted make sure she had sufficient coverage so I used my placket again.
-I was going to use the gathered skirt from McCall 5308 pattern but b/c I bought fabric for the top, I didn't have enough. So I just cut a rectangle across the fabric for the skirt. I notched it in quarters to match cf,ss, and cb to the bodice to make sure it was gathered evenly. So the bottom is basically a rectangle w/ only a cb seam. I would've like ss so there could be some more flare but I still like the dress.

So in the end, I didn't end up using any of McCall 5308. The only commercial pattern piece I used was the Simplicity 3859 bodice.

I have a back view where you can see the placket. I used the contrast for the placket, straps, and ties.

On the inside I stitched the bodice self lining down by stitching in the ditch on the right side. I pressed the gathered SA up and it's hidden inside the self-lined bodice so it's looks really clean on the inside.

Conclusion: My daughter like this dress a lot!

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