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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Simplicity 2683

This jacket is so much cuter made up than it is in the pattern pic. I actually bought the pattern for the dress. But my daughter needed something summery and semi-dressy so I wanted her to wear the yellow dress. Since the event was indoor, she needed something to cover her arms. I was in a time crunch and I saw this pattern in my stash and thought why not. I ran to Joann's and bought some fabric and quickly sewed it up.

Simplicity 2683

Front and Back:

Tied in the Back:

The tie doesn't have to be tucked in the back. It looks cute when it's visible, too.

Fabric: White cotton Eyelet

Likes: This sews up so quick and it's much cuter than the pattern picture suggests.

Changes: I basically sewed this up as is. The front is on the bias but for some reason or another I didn't have enough fabric. I either spaced out in Joann or lost a lot during washing. So I was unable to cut it on the bias. On the finished garment the sleeves are extremely tight. I don't know if it's due to the whole bias thing, but I can't imagine it making that much of a difference. She needs at least 1 1/2" extra in the sleeves to be comfortable. I had to let them out and sew them at 1/4" SA. And they're still too tight. If you make this I would double check that.

I used 1/2" elastic instead of the wider size the pattern recommends b/c I didn't want it to be too visible from the outside since I was using eyelet.

Also, they have the neckline casing cut as a separate piece than the ties. I'm not sure if this is to save fabric but next time I might see if they can be cut as one b/c it would save bulk where they connect. At that edge, you have the garment hem, SA from where the neck casing is sewed to the front, and the SA where you sew the ties to the neck casing. I'm not sure if I'm explaining it clearly, but if you have the pattern, just look at how they put it together at that edge and see if it's the best way for you.

Conclusion: It's versatile, cute little jacket. I would definitely sew it again- with wider sleeves, though.

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