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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Sew Sooo Slow

I don't know why I sew so slow. I read and some people are whipping out garments in a few days, some even just a day. I've never been that fast. The closest was in my pre-mommy days where I could actually make a garment in a few days. But I was making sewing a big priority. I took a some time off from school(for personal reasons, not to sew, lol) so I was only working f/t instead of doing both, I wasn't going to the gym, and I wasn't planning my meals. Now, I can't even imagine sewing like that. I feel like a snail, lol. And it's fustrating b/c my mind is planning garments at a much faster rate than I could ever possibly sew them.

So what I've been trying to do is accept my slowly, snail pace. I had to evaluate why I sew. Do I sew b/c I enjoy it or do I sew b/c I need the cloths? Well I do want/need the cloths but looking at it that way, I've turned something I love to do into a chore- and I have more than enough of those. So now, I've decided to treat it like a hobby. I goal myself at 15 mins/day and 1 garment every 2 weeks. Slow but fair to myslelf. And if I don't produce something every 2 weeks, I just make sure I sew that 15 mins daily. I've been enjoying sewing so much more since I've decided to do it this way. And of course, I'm secretly hoping that the more I sew, the faster I'll get and next thing you know I'll be making all these new fabulous garments left and right, lol.

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