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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally... A Review!

I know I've been neglecting my blog but things have been a little hectic and I've been without a camera. But I've been sewing this summer and I wanted to share a little of what I've made now that I have some time and a new camera. I'm breaking the posts up b/c I need to get used to blogger's formatting again. As for the blurry pics, I'm not sure what happened. They're much clearer when I view them on my computer and camera.

First up is my first dress for a little girl.

Simplicity 3859 Version 1

After making my little girl's jacket, I discovered I really enjoy making kids cloths. And she loves helping me pick out the fabric and patterns. Yes, my secret plan is to to turn her into a prodigy seamstress, lol.

Here's the Front and Back:

As you can see, my daughter likes to pose. And she wanted to show off her princess shoes that she got for her birthday.

Woven A-line dress w/ empire seam and bodice variations including, sleeveless v-neck, v-neck w/ cap sleeves, and v-neck w/ straps. The pattern also includes a pattern for a hat. For this dress, I basically used view C.

Fabric: Plisse cotton from Jo-Annes, textured ribbon trim

Likes: This was my first dress for a little girl so I wanted to start w/ something easy. This is a really easy pattern and I loved the fact that is uses so little fabric. Size 3 only uses 7/8 yard of fabric and I even had some left over. You also have a lot of different options w/ the bodice to create different looks. Plus with the simple design you can showcase a fun print w/o being to busy or you can use embellishments to spice it up.

Changes: First off, I don't understand why children dress patterns all have zippers. All of my daughter's RTW has buttons and I think the zippers might be kind of scratchy. So I created a placket in the back and used buttons. This was my first placket so I kind of just used intuition and I'm happy with the way it came out. I measured a little off so I didn't have enough fabric to finish the overlap edge inside so I just stitched and pinked that edge.

I lengthened the dress by adding the hem band pattern to the skirt front piece. The pieces didn't match, so I had to true it up.

I glanced over the instructions just in case there was something special I was supposed to know about sewing children dresses. I wasn't missing anything, but I definitely didn't like the instructions. I like to sew as much flat as I can, so I just used an order that allowed me to do that.

Also they forgot to mention finishing the bottom edge of the sleeve for this view. The sleeveless version is bound w/ bias tape. I decided to just turn and stitch. I ziz-zagged the sleeve seam and trimmed it close. I included a detail shot.

The neckline is faced. I think next time, if I make this view, I'll just self-line the bodice. I think it will be faster and easier.

Conclusion: I really love this dress. I would recommend it, especially to beginners. It's very easy, versatile, and inexpensive (7/8 yards!). I've made this dress 2 more times and I plan on using this as a block to make more dresses for my daughter. I trace all my patterns so I have all the sizes still intact.

I'll be posting the other views soon.

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