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Saturday, September 5, 2009

BWOF 9/05 #113

BWOF 9/05 #113

W/o the belt:My daughter is my photographer. Isn't she good!

Description: Lined high-waisted pencil skirt w/ belt loops and CF seam.

Size: I used 40 at the waist and 42 at the hip. I had to take a little out the CB at the waist which is pretty typical. I'm a curvy girl :)

Fabric: Rayon-blend suiting from EOS. This project was mainly a stash buster. This project was mainly a stash buster. I have way too much fabric and I'm really tired of it taking up so much space. This fabric is gorgeous- as is everything from EOS. It's hard to see the detail but it's a plaid print w/ floral print on top of it. I love it, but it's been in the stash for years.

Likes: I wasn't sure what I wanted to make w/ it but I only had enough for shorts, skirt, or a vest. I chose a skirt and I found a pattern in my old BWOF stash. It's a nice simple pattern that's great for showing off the fabric.

It's also very well drafted, everything went together so well. I love BWOF!

Changes: I eliminated the belt loops and CF. I also added a facing and drafted the lining pattern accordingly. I added some boning to the waist to give it some stability.

I made this way too hard for myself by adding a kick pleat, lol. I hardly ever sew skirts so I couldn't remember how to do it. I used Easy Guide to Sewing Skirts as a reference, but I'm bad at following directions. Of course things began to click and my memory started coming back after I messed up, lol. And for where the lining met the kick pleat, I just did a slit in the lining. By then I really didn't care and it doesn't look bad. And it's even funnier b/c after I finished the skirt, I remembered I don't even like kick pleats b/c the overlap doesn't always sit perfectly flat. Maybe it's my sewing skills, but I have that problem in RTW, too.

I hemmed the lining w/ lace. It's something I've never done before but it was in Easy Guide to Sewing Skirts and I thought it looked cute. Plus I had some lace trim on hand, so why not. I really like how it turned out.

Conclusion: I think my skirt is really cute and it goes great w/ a top and belt that I already own. And my fabric is better as a garment than just laying in my stash. Now the real question is will I ever wear it since I never wear skirts. I guess it's a nice alternative to have when I need to be a little dressier. I'll probably never make this skirt again, but the pattern is a great base. Since it's already traced and fitted, I might use it as a base for another skirt that I'll probably never wear, lol.

As for recommending it, I wouldn't say hunt down this issue for this skirt. But if you have it and need a pencil skirt, this is a great pattern to use.

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