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Monday, March 10, 2008

Mccall's 5002

Okay, I cheated and bought fabric, but I NEED it. I loved this Balenciaga look so much and when I saw the fabric, inspiration hit. it's not really a knock-off, more of an inspiration piece. the Balenciaga is so unique because of the interesting shaping of the dress. Ghesquiere must have really been channeling the line's originator, because unique fabric shaping and silhouettes was what really set Balenciaga apart. But I digress, sorry fashion makes me do that.

So here's what I'm making. The only change is that I'm making it a mini dress. Nothing to extreme. My big trouble was deciding the size. I'm either a 12 or 14 depending on the ease. Because this is very fitted, and after comparing finished measurements to my own, I'm going with 14. I'm not making a muslin, I'm going to use the lining as a test fit. I hate making muslins and I want instant gratification. This way I have a test garment, and the linings out the way before I really start. Yay!!!

Here's my fabric. It's a pretty, floral brocade. It's polyestor so not too high end. I allowed myself the treat because it was on sale -about $5/yrd. I'm being good and using lining I already have.
Well everything is purchased and I'm going to get sewing. A review will be coming soon.


  1. That looks pretty. Where will you be wearing this?

  2. I planned on wearing this when I out, but I decided to wear something different. I'm working on finishing it up, though. A review will be posted soon.