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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Don't Have A Bra For That!

Yes You Do!

I have a retail background and one of the things that aggravated me were woman who didn’t buy something due to an undergarment issue. Has that ever been you? Now if that wasn’t the real reason- you don’t have to lie. If it was the truth, then this entry is dedicated to you. There are undergarments for any and every type of garment. I’ve worked in an intimate apparel department at a department store before and I’ve seen it. If I like something, whether it plunged, was sheer, or backless, or what-not- I never let that stop me from buying it. And I’m a 34/36D so I need support.

Now, I’m not rich so I tried to keep budget in mind. The ones I feature are affordable, but there are luxury versions of each style- for those who got it like that.

Ok, these garments are not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve got the confidence- rock it. Please appropriate occasions only though. It might be too much at the grocery store or the mall. If you have a super low neckline, here is your solution. The one I have featured is from Fredricks of Hollywood and it's only $30. I actually own this and it’s awesome. Not only does it plunge really deep, but the back is really low. I also wear this for my tops that cut really deep in the back. The straps also come off so you can do racerback or clear straps.

Barest of Them All
This is for the most daring. I have yet to try this, but it's backless and strapless. This is also from Fredricks of Hollywood and only costs $20.

And we can't forget the stickies. Some people have told me they don’t work, but I promise they do if applied properly. When I first used them, I wasted a few trying to get it to work. But after I learned how to do it, they worked great. It’s not full coverage but it gives that extra lift and shaping. The ones I use are from Victorias Secret and they cost $18.

I fell in love with sweaterdresses last fall. The problem is they can be very sheer.
The solution- a seamless, tunic cami. I can’t find any images of what I have (and I’m am not about to model it) but it looks just like the shapewear piece below, except it’s not shapewear. It's even strapless which I like as well. I found mine at Dillards in the Intimate Apparel Dept for just $28.

Body Flaws and Lumps:

Nobody is perfect. Don’t let imperfections stop you from wearing that dress. That’s why God invented shapewear. It’s not even about making you look skinny, it can also be used to smoothing the lumps out. Creating a sleek, smooth, firm silhouette. These are perfect for clingy or jersey dresses. There are all types of cuts for whatever clingy, sexy thing you are trying to wear. Spanx is suppose to be really good, but you can actually find them anywhere in Lingerie Departments in a variety of brands and all price ranges.

My All Time Favorite:

This title goes to the Victoria Secret Very Sexy Infinity Edge Strapless (whew, that's a mouthful) that cost about $50. This bra is incredible. It's the only strapless I could find that gives support, gives amazing cleavage, and that dips this low. I love it!

Now if you have hard to find sizes it must be a pain in the butt. Your best bet is local specialty stores. Also, I ran a online search and there are a lot of places to order online. Another great place to check out is They are overseas, but they do ship to the US. You have to order through the mail or via the internet, so you can't try the bra on. But they have so many sizes and they actually have some good strapless options. I'd recommend checking them out .

Now after all this, please don't tell your sales consultant at a retail store that you don't have anything to wear underneath that garment you want. There really is something to wear underneath everything. If you like something and face this issue, just visit an Intimate Apparel Dept at any department store. You'll find what you need.

Happy Sexy Fashions For All!


  1. Very interesting blog.

  2. ima have to look into that last bra i need a strapless that gives support

  3. I wear a 40J. Trust me, there are plenty of situations Where a lack of a brassiere kept me away. The Air Force for one. And yes they make make a bra for me in said size, I'm not paying a grip of money for something I'm not going to put in heavy rotation